Uniform and Dress Code

GRAD Academy Memphis

2017-18 School Uniform Policy

All GRAD Academy Memphis Scholars shall wear Monday-Thursday:

  • Red or Black GRAD embroidered polo (long or short sleeve purchased from vendor)
  • Black straight leg full length uniform pants – may not be denim material, may not be ripped or frayed in anyway (joggers, cargo, shorts, skinny, and stretch bottoms are not permitted)
  • GRAD cardigan (ONLY outwear permitted during school hours)
  • Black Belt (No emblems on belts)
  • All black or white shoes (flip flops, slides, house shoes, and heels exceeding 2 inches are not permitted)
  • Shirts to be tucked at all times
  • Female scholars – may wear a black skirt or skort no more than 2 inches above the knee; If worn – socks, knee highs, tights, and stockings must be solid white, red, or black


Once scholars enter the school building, the wearing of caps/hats, head wraps, bandanas, or kerchiefs is not permitted unless it is in accordance with religious observation. Hats worn in the school building will be confiscated. Jewelry should be appropriate for school setting and may not serve as a distraction to others or it will be confiscated. Students who do not adhere to these guidelines will be subject to disciplinary procedures.

On Fridays all GRAD Academy Memphis Scholars may wear the GRAD Academy uniform or a GRAD/College T – shirt with Jeans (must be denim material, may not be ripped or frayed in anyway).

**GRAD Academy leadership reserves the right to amend this uniform policy as necessary.

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Click here to view or download the current School Uniform Policy.